Photo and video with a cell phone

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It is the oldest nonprofit cooperative development and trade association in the United States, fostering cooperative economic and social development.

With the CoopMarketing school we seek to strengthen your skills in digital marketing in order to improve the financial status of your cooperative and member families.

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What is

It is an international agricultural network that transforms the agricultural value chain, uniting producers, buyers and consumers through its online platform PRODUCERS MARKET.

Cooperatives have changed their way of selling

Does your cooperative, association or family business not have digital certification that allows buyers worldwide to know about your products?

Don't you have eye-catching photos and videos that tell the story of your product and attract attention from potential customers on social media?

Would you like to learn to take photos and videos in a professional way and position your agribusiness brand?

Do you want to study with international experts who work on the leading content digitization platform for agricultural producers?

Do you want to be part of the digital marketing community of the league of cooperatives worldwide?

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What will you learn in this course?

Define Strategies

Identifying your audience, objectives, who to tell our story to.

Photo and video with cell phone

Create audiovisual content from your cell phone that impacts people.

Graphic design

Create content of professional value with easy-to-use tools.

Video production

Create content of professional value with easy-to-use tools.

They will teach you

Azul Lucero


Digital Content Creator
in Producers Market

Co-Coordinator and administrative of the digital team of Producers. Audiovisual content creator, she was born in Argentina, currently lives in Panama City and loves to travel in search of stories from producers around the world to share the incredible work they do.

David Serracchiani


Graphic Designer at
Producers Market

Graduated in Advertising and Marketing with an emphasis in Graphic Design. He started talking when he was 1 year old and has never stopped since. He passionate about communication, marketing and visual arts. Throughout his career as a designer he has worked with a wide variety of brands from all areas, learning from logo design; branding and corporate identity to video editing and production. He loves connecting with people and solving problems with creative ideas.

Pabliu Lucero


Graphic Designer at
Producers Market

He is a visual artist for more than 5 years who has been dedicated to the creation of digital content and audiovisual communication in Producers Market.

Lauren Hill


Account Manager at
Producers Market

Lauren grew up in Latin America and Europe. Her extensive travel history from an early age led her to develop a passion for the environment, education and yoga practices. She studied business administration and worked in finance for several years, today she focuses on raising awareness of agricultural supply chains.

Study plan

What do you need for the course?




Cell phone

Register your organization

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Frequently questions

To receive a certificate of participation it is important:

  1. Register your brand business at
  2. Deliver the final project as follows:
    • At the end of each stage you will receive a badge that proves that you have participated and presented the tasks.
    • At the end of the course, present the 5 badges that you incorporated into your business/work.

Yes. Thanks to funding from USAID, NCBA CLUSA and PRODUCERSTRUST.COM can deliver this and more courses on digital marketing, content creation for Cooperatives and Agricultural Associations.

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Photo and video with a cell phone

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